Raise the Roof gifts go into our unrestricted fund.  This fund is used for making grants to a large variety of projects that respond to emerging community needs.  The funds also contribute to our operations that support our administration of field of interest funds; estate planning; and projects like the Centennial Plaza.  Additionally, part of a community foundation’s mission is to be fully immersed in the community to be at the forefront of emerging needs. We prioritize being able to lead partnerships in order to be a catalyst for positive change.  Examples of this is our work with the Good Neighbor Fund; File of Life with UA Fire; and the Barrington/West Broad Elementary partnership with UA Rotary through the Krauss Fund just to name a few!
Unrestricted fund grants have made a great impact in UA.  Here is a list of grants from our general fund (supported by Raise the Roof!) for the last five years:
  • UA Centennial Plaza at Northam Park
  • UA Historical Society (several years)
  • UA Author Series – every year
  • Commission on Aging/Alzheimer’s Association Balance Class grant
  • Leadership UA (several years)
  • Stand Project
  • DARE truck
  • UA Community Festivals
  • Playground support at Windermere, Tremont, Barrington, Wickliffe, Greensview,
  • St. Agatha, St Andrew and Wellington schools
  • UA Commission on Aging for Kind Call and Project Alive
On behalf of the Foundation, we are grateful for your support of Raise the Roof that allow the UACF to support important programs in our community that make UA great.

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