Donor believes that generosity can be contagious.

By providing financial support on an anonymous basis and sharing the results with the wider community, the Donor hopes to be a catalyst for inspiring others to donate to GNF, thereby increasing its impact.

The awareness of need in our community came from demographic report in 2015 ellucidating that there were pockets of residents who were falling through the cracks and had no where to turn.The Donor also knows there are government, public, and private organizations that provide certain help to some of these people and that these resources, as well as those from this GNF, are limited. Financial grants from GNF are intended to be a one-time supplement to the help when no other financial resources are available. Money is usually just one part of the help people really need.

Grants from GNF are meant to help those people who are committed to helping themselves so they can achieve changes in their lives. The most successful outcomes occur when an agency knows the client well and is contributing to a "circle of support." The Donor hopes that grants made will assist the recipient(s) in a continuation of self-help.

To give now, use the Give Now button below and choose the Good Neighbor Fund in the drop down list. You can be very sure that even the smallest gift can bring peace and assistance to one of your neighbors.

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