UACF supports many programs that aid elderly residents in the community. One such program is File of Life through the UA Commission on Aging, which supports medical communication needs for senior citizens. We also teamed up with the UA Commission on Aging to bring “Project Lifesaver” to UA, which deploys teams with rapid response technology to locate and return adults and children to their caregivers. UACF was also instrumental in the creation of a balance class for senior citizens with Alzheimer’s.

We also gave start-up funding to The Stand Project, which works to prevent substance abuse and serve as a resource to those who suffer from it.

Through The Good Neighbor Fund, we provide one-time emergency assistance due to an event that seriously jeopardizes the recipient’s ability to meet basic needs such as housing, transportation to work, medical bills, and insecurity.

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We are dedicated to providing resources for education that will shape our community for years to come. Thus far, UACF has raised over $245,000 to support our school systems. This money helped build and beautify several playgrounds, renovate the UA High School stadium, enhance instructional technology, and provide free lunches to children of all ages during the summer.

UACF provides support for the education of community leaders through Leadership UA and gave a grant to Leadership UA to work with Franklin University’s Leadership Institute to document, verify, and refine Leadership UA’s project-based programming.

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UACF has raised funds for the beautification of several parks in the community, including Tibor sculptures at Miller Park Library and a major grant to the Parks and Recreation Department. Over the past several years, the Joseph and Marlene Berwanger Fund has provided over $40,000 in beautification funding to the Arlington Mallway.

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UACF believes in connecting families to our beautiful parks by eliminating financial barriers and enhancing the cultural arts of the community. Recreation funds like the Fitzpatrick Family Fund assists children in need with fees, equipment, and training costs, as well as provide scholarship opportunities and upgrade youth sports facilities.

The Recreation Scholarship Fund also provides pool passes for individuals and families during the summer months. 

We’re strong proponents of supporting the arts in our community, such as the UA Community Chorus and the series Music in the Parks. Overall, we’ve given more than $140,000 in grants for the cultural arts and parks and recreation.

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UACF has given over $67,000 to UA fire and over $17,000 to the UA Police for safety programs and equipment. This money has gone to CPR training for UA firefighters, CPR manikins, smoke detectors, restoration assistance for historical Fire Engine #1, Project ALIVE, and start-up funding for STAY UA.

In 2007, we made a $3,000 grant to fund new Safety Town buildings, and in 2016, we donated $100 to fund bike helmets for Safety Town. In 2017, we raised over $4,000 to fund graphics and new wheels and tires for a new DARE truck.

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Amelita Mirolo Barn

The UA Community Foundation raised more than $1 million to build this all-purpose facility. As of December 2017, external rental fees have made a total net revenue of over $300,000 for Upper Arlington.

The Barn was designed to serve as a historical venue to host weddings, graduation parties, concerts, community fundraisers and more. It allows the city’s Parks and Recreation Department to offer more programs and avoid costly space rentals.

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