Richard & Virginia Helfrich

Susan Abouhassan

John and Blair Adams

John and Millicent Adams

Roger and Dianne Albrecht

Naeem and Kellie Ali

Melissa Anderson

Ralph W. Anderson

William and Lynn Anderson

William and Elizabeth Anderson

Steven and Kristin Andersson


Emma Antonios

Ares Sportswear

Arlington Optical

Kathryn Arnold

Tim Arnold

Autodesk Foundation

Dr. Jeff & Marissa Backes

Bailey Cavalieri LLC

Tiffanni Ballard

Brian Barker

Brian and Pat Barker

Virginia Barney

The Batchelder Company


Nancy and Timothy Bechtold

Dick and Linda Beckett

Martha A. Belury

Mark Bernhardt

Joe and Marlene Berwanger

Ray and Sue Biddiscombe

James Bieber

Debora and Philip Binkley

Jack and Sherry Bjerke

David and Sally Bloomfield

Friedl and Jean-Clare Bohm

Chris Bonasso

Deborah and Douglas Bosner

Debbie Phillips Bower and George Richards

James Bowman

Susan and John Boylan

Pam Bridgeport

Brad Britton and Vicki Rentel

Catherine and John Brody

Jeff and Amy Brown

Melanie and Kevin Brown

Lynne Brown

Scott Brown

David and Kathryn Bruce

Dave and Elaine Sayers Buck

Budros, Ruhlin & Roe, Inc.

John and Maureen Burkhart

Lisa Burleson

Michaela and Patrick Burriss

Carla Grispino and Steve Bush

Marilyn Camerino

Demetri Capetanopoulos

Brenton H. Carey

Edward and Carol Cass

Jim and Karen Chester

Childhood League

Mike Chrisman

Scott Chrisman

Melissa Christensen

Andrew and Brooke Christman

Paula A. Clark

Lisa Clarke

John and Janet Cleland

Brian and Jorie Close

Janet Collins

Columbia Gas of Ohio

The Columbus Foundation

Greg Comfort

Peggy and Dennis Concilla

Sharon Cook

Valerie Copeland

Joseph and Kyle Corna

Jack and Sandra Cotter

Chris and Karin Cramer

Jamie Crane and Tim Miller

Loann Crane

Jim and Celia Crosley

Jeffrey S. and Annette Cullman

Bob and Linda Cummins

Samir Dahman

Katie Davis Spence

Terry and Barb Davis

Tom and Mary Beth Davis

Jeffrey and Lara DeLeone

Sean Dennison

Carolyn DeVoe

Louise and Bill DiMascio

Anita DiPisquale and Patrick Piccinini

John Dirina

Dan and Donna Donovan

Janice and Hugh Dorrian

Betty Dougherty and John Klein

Stephen and Leah Doyle

Joseph J. and Mary  Duchi

Robert and Amy Dunn

Suebeth Dusthimer Zartman

Phyllis Cummins and Donald Dyche

C. John Easton

Scott and Liz Easton

Stacia Eckenwiler

Pete and Suzie Edwards

Elford, Inc.

Bonnie Emery

Douglas and Michelle Emmons

Nationwide Mutual Insurance

Heather Evans

Mark and Blaire Catalano

Bob and Mary Kay Fenner

Louise T. Fenner

Trevor and Pamela Ferger

Marilyn Fetters

Roger File

Price and Alice Finley

Francille Firebaugh

First Community Church Women's Guild X

First Merchants Corporation

Fishel Foundation

Lisa and Michael Fitzpatrick

Emilie Forman

Sarah Fortier

Ted and Sarah Foster

Four Seasons Garden Club

Julie and Timothy Fox

Friends of Upper Arlington Public Library

Robert Fry

E. Ann Gabriel

Justine Gage

Edward Gallowitz

Pamela P. Gartin

Corinne Garvey

Susan Gaskill

Steven Geissel


David and Kathy Gerlach

Jessica Gesue

Bill and Judy Gibeaut

Jack and Lynn Giljahn

Mary Ann Gill

Herb Gillen

Brian and Paula Gilmour

Philip and Lynn Glandon

Doug and Cheryl Godard

Maureen Gotwols

Roberta Grabovac

Amy Graham

Laurie and Randy Graham


Gramercy Books LLC

Kip and Katy Greenhill

Greentree Dental Group

Jill Grier

Anna and Steve Grund

Jeffrey and Susie Gudenkauf

Frank and Annett Guglielmi

Marvin and Bertie Gutter

W. Gregory Guy and Lisa Ingram Guy

Brian and Stacey Hall

Clayton and Virginia Hall

Hamilton Capital Management

Matt and Claire Hamilton

Dr. James and Merry Hamilton

Robert and Beth Hamilton

Kegler, Brown, Hill & Ritter

David and Karyl Hanhilammi

JC and Kim Hanks

Tracy Kirby Harbold

Joyce and Frank Healy

Dave and Loretta Heigle

Andrea and Kurt Helfrich

Jonathan and Laura Hellstedt

Dan and Suzanne Helmick

Jo Ellen Helmlinger

Shannon Hemmelgarn

Susan and Jim Hency

Joe Henderson

Troy and Ruby Henley

Tom and Laura Herbst

Jill and Frank Hess

Dale and Gloria Heydlauff

Tracy Hill

Julianne Hindes

Mary Beth Hirsch

Linda Hobbs

Ronald and Donna Holman

Ron and Susan House

James and Beverlee Houseman

Tom and Michele Hoyle

Tim and Glenda Huffman

Jim and Susan Hughes

Karen Hull

Scott and Kerstin Humphrys

John Hunt

Cheryl B. Hyatt

Jim and Kerry Hyre

Paul and Melissa Imhoff

Ingram-White Castle Foundation

Dick and Anne James

Ly James and Li Yu Lee

Peter and Margaret Janotka

Brian and Tamara Jepson

Tom and Joyce Johnson

Gordon and Catsy Johnston

Barri Lynn Jones

J. Thomas and Kathleen Jones

Jane Jones

Blake Kaplan

The Keeler Foundation


Joan Keith

Timothy and Cynthia Kelley

Karen Kennedy

Beth and Harry Kiefaber

Kimball Midwest

Brendan and Kelly King

Zac and Julie Kirk

John and Cathy Klamar

Susan Knell*

Teresa Kobelt

Daniel Kochensparger

Nancy Koerner

Ruth Krabach

Bill and Vicki Kraft

Courtney Kramer

Jane Krastel

Mary Ann Krauss

William and Erin Krauss

Steve Kretzer

John and Maryline Kulewicz

Stephanie Kunze

John and Chrissie Landolfi

Gavin and Alice Larrimer

Don and Jane Leach

Jim and Jane Ledman

Shinyoung Lee

Eric and Susan Leininger

Dawn Lewis

Ron and Vicki Linville

Brian and Mary Loe

Bob and Laurie Long

Jim and Clare Long

Adam Lowe

John Lowe and Catherine Strauss

Rob and Kathy Luikart

Edwin Lukens

James and Hope Lynch

Jim and Kim Lynch

Tracy Maistros

Gayla and Jim Manning

Dan and Lisa March

Owen and Marlene March

Mark P. Murphy & Associates

Bob and Peggy Marotta

Daniel and Ruth Martin

Janette Martina

Michael and Judy Martz

Dr. Maurice and Joan Mast

Steve and Linda Mauger

Tommaso and Amy Mauro

Joel and Connie Mayerson

John and Holly Mayfield

Carolyn and George McConnaughey

Amy McGee

Kim and Kevin McLaughlin

Dana McTigue

Priscilla Mead

Meuse Family Foundation

Justin Milam

Mark and Mary Milligan

Ila Mincy

Cameron and Molly Mitchell

Marianne and Brad Mitchell

Robert Mizer

Joseph and Jan Mollmann

Ann Royce Moore

Tom Robertson Morgan Stanley

Kent and Diana Morgan

William and Margine Moul

Linda Moulakis

Damon and Tina Muldoon

Mark and  Noreen Murphy

National Church Residences

Tony and Peg Neri

Robert E. and Lynn Ness

John and Emily Ness

Network for Good

Allan and Kay Nichols

Jim and Nancy Nicklaus

Michael and Kathy O'Sullivan

Jack Odachowski


Orthopedic One, Inc.

Tod and Betsy Ortlip

Don and Anna Curtin Osterhout

Overmyer Hall Associates

Ed and Mary Jane Overmyer

Greg and Alicia Overmyer

Matthew Palmer and Kelly Gallina

David and Carolyn Patterson

John B. Patton

Jodi Patton and Ken Kovaleski

John and Lynnette Payne

Leslie Payne

Cynthia and Donald Paynter

PEO Chapter BX

Jim and Susan Peppe

Yvonne Simon and Charlie Perotti

Tracy and Julie Peters

Michael and Heather Petrecca

Drew and Maria Piersall

Mike and Chris Pirik

Jerry and Margie Pizzuti

Rich and Sharon Pontius

Brett and Katherine Porter

Chris and Megan Potts

Tom and Sue Potts

Jay Powell and Pat Stewart

Mona Prasad

Marilyn Pritchett

David and Patricia Raiken

Dan Ralley

Sue Ralph

Timothy Rankin

Lou Ann and Buss Ransom

Kevin and Lana Rapp

Richard and Barbara Rastetter

Jim Readey

Chris and Diana Reinhardt

Jenny Lou Renkert*

Julie Richer

Craig Richter

Philip and Laura Richter

Mark and Julie Ricketts

Anne Powell Riley

Liz Riley

Stephen and Maeva Rish

Libby and Bob Roach

Leslie Rogers

Ann Root

Don and Joni Ross

Rotary Club of Upper Arlington

Cookie and George Ruff

Robert and Katrina Ruscilli

Susan and Christopher Russell

Doug and Judy Sandbo

Chris and Amy Saunders

Marjorie Sayers

Rebecca Schaughency

Jennifer Schmidt

Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Service

David and Jeanne Schoedinger

Steven Schoeny and Holly Dabelko-Schoeny

Mindy and Mike Schuler

Carole and David Schuller

Estelle and David Scott

Patrick and Alison Scott

Lois and Charles Sechler

Bob and Jennifer Sega

Marcie and Ed Seidel

Jill Shea

Bill and Katie Shelley

Paul and Jean Shepard

Bill Shimp

Helen Shimp

Christine Shoemaker

Barbara Shramo

Gary Sims

Steven's Catering

April Smith

David and Halie Smith

Gregory and Karen Smith

Gina Zilioli and Charles Snyder

Gordon and Barbara Snyder

Carl and Toni Sofranko

Diane and Tom Souder

Glen E. Sparks

St. Agatha Church

Carol Staton

Sig and Mary Stephensen

Thomas and Pam Stewart

Michael and Linda Stickney

Steve and Karen Stivers

Jean Stough

Adele and Lee Stratton

Edgar and Nancy Strause

Jason Swart

Rob and Erin Switz

Kenn and Laura Synek

Gina Tata

Valerio Tata

Chris and Bob Taylor

Megan Temple

Thomas & Marker Construction Co.

Ned and Marti Timmons

Northwest Kiwanis

Barbara Trame

Kelly and Lori Trent

Tri-W Group

Don and Audrey Trotier

Doug and Julie Trotter

Beverly G. Trout

Ronald and Sharon Turscak

UA Optimist Club

UA Youth Football Association, Inc.

UAHS Reunion '67

Kaz Unalan

Upper Arlington Athletic Association

Upper Arlington Lutheran Church

Upper Arlington Optimist Club

Upper Arlington Public Library

Upper Arlington Class of 2020

Upper Arlington Softball Association

Kent Usher

Thomas and Cathy Utgard

Joe and Peggy Valentino

Michael and Linda Van Amen

Dave Varda

Sue Vasko

Hendrick Verweij

Jorge Vidaurre

Karent Voit

Sean and Cathy Vrenna

Vxtra Partners

Adam and Kathleen Wagenbach

Pete and Janice Walsh

Robert and Deborah Walter

Mandy Warman

Charles Warner

Tammy Watkins

Andy and Carolyn Weeks

Thomas and Anne Weeks

Wells Fargo Advisors

Westwood Acres Community Organization

Robert and Aimee White

Bob and Jane White

Valerie and Dan Wigton

Stephanie Williams

Ron and Lisa Wilson

Carol Winchell

Dick and Debbie Wood

Martha Worth

Bill and Laura Wulf

Alan and Jackie Yarletts

Erik and Elizabeth Yassenoff

Skip and Karen Yassenoff

Jay and Wendy Young

Molly Youngstrom

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