In honor of the incredible service that our veterans have contributed to the community, neighbors are coming together to build Veterans Plaza at Mallway Park. This park is in South Upper Arlington on Arlington Avenue in front of Jones Middle School. It is the location of the existing Veterans' Memorial that will be enhanced through this project. 

"Military service runs deep in Upper Arlington. Hundreds of young Upper Arlington men and women fought in World War II, as recognized on the current veterans’ memorial in South Upper Arlington. The Mallway itself was the site of Camp Willis, a temporary training camp for troops being deployed to the Mexican border in 1916. Upper Arlington has been the home of military leaders, such as Rear Admiral Dean Lane Axene, Captain of the USS Thresher, among the first nuclear submarines. Numerous veterans from the Korean War through the Vietnam War to the Global War on Terrorism remain unrecognized in Upper Arlington. It is time that all veterans in the community are recognized for their service to our nation."

- Erik Yassenoff, Champion of the Veterans Memorial Project

The project will be funded by private donors and a $200,000 grant from the State of Ohio. It will recognize those who have served since the original construction of the memorial in 1946. Enhancements include an arch, decorative fence, renewed displays, and a continuation of the flame of liberty supported by a partnership with Columbia Gas. 

The Veterans Plaza is designed to be a place of education, reflection, and honor. Yassenoff clarifies that the plaza will recognize military service and that, "the Plaza is not meant to glorify war, but to reflect on commitment and duty, highlighting war service, peacekeeping missions, disaster recovery efforts, and post-service achievements alike." It will be about remembering and appreciating the sacrifice that veterans have made for our nation. 

Learn more at or by contacting us today at (614) 451-0700 or If you would like to donate to the Veterans Memorial Fund, click the link below and specify that you would like your donation to go to the Veterans Memorial Project in the comments section. 

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